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Installation, servicing, upgrade and repair:

Our friendly and experirenced plumbers are fully qualitified Electrical and Gas Safe Registered as well as fully insured, assuring you of nothing but the most efficient and reliable service.

For more information, please contact Wilf Elliott Plumbing & Heating Services

General plumbing and maintenance:

When things go wrong in your home you'll need someone you can rely on. At Wilf Elliott Plumbing & Heating Services we're expert at getting to the heart of the problem without delay. From tap washers to kitchen re-piping if you're in the need of a plumber we'll cover it.

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Full central heating systems:

Trying to work out what is the best central heating system for you can be rather daunting, especially if you have no experience in plumbing and heating. There are several different types of central heating systems, all of which have their own pros and cons and are dependent on your house size, family size and circumstances.

Wilf Eilliott Plumbing & Heating have the knowledge to design, install and maintain complete new central heating systems and upgrades for any size property. We will design the best heating system for you at a very competitive price.


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Please see below for complete a detailed decription of boiler types....

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Combination Boilers:

A combination boiler heats water for the central heating in the same way as a conventional boiler. It will however, supply taps with instant hot water. The main difference is that the hot water for the tap is fed directly from the mains rather than a hot water storage cylinder. This can also be useful on a small property where the space requirements to store a cylinder is at a premium.

The internal design of the combination boiler are increasingly technical and older units are sometimes perceived as un-reliable. They are now becoming more and more accepted. Unfortunately in the event of a breakdown the user finds themselves without both heating and hot water whereas on a conventional system an electric immersion heating element can usually be inserted into the storage cylinder for hot water.

The big advantage with a combination boiler is that it not only delivers continuous hot water, but more importantly the water is delivered at mains pressure. Combi systems are very effective for supplying hot water to shower heads without requiring the need to fit “power shower” booster pumps.

Combination boilers are also to be amongst the simplest systems to install. They remove the need to install an expansion tank in the loft and hot water cylinder in an airing cupboard.

Combination boilers do have their limitations. Most standard combi’s take an average of 40 seconds to heat water and deliver it to the tap. They deliver mains pressure through one tap at a time and therefore if with two taps running the flow rate is diminished. If you are requiring high temperature and high flow rate then a high capacity combi or storage combi is an option available.

Wilf Elliott Plumbing & Heating Services can supply fit and maintain a complete range of combination boillers, please contact us for a free estimate.

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Combination Storage Boilers:

By adding a storage tank to a combi, the problem of flow rate reduction are progressively overcome depending on the size of the tank. It is then permissible to use a couple of taps simultaneously without an unacceptable drop in water pressure.

The advantage of this system over a combination boiler and storage tank is that the hot water never runs out. Even after running a bath, a combi storage boiler doesn’t need time to recover before you can use it again. There is therefore no need to plan your hot water requirements.

Wilf Elliott Plumbing & Heating Services can supply fit and maintain a complete range of combination storage boillers, please contact us for a free estimate.

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Conventional Boilers:

In a conventional boiler, gas jets play onto a cast iron heat exchanger in which water passes to be heated. If used to supply taps, hot water cannot be delivered on demand and therefore must be stored usually within a copper cylinder.

This type of boiler has relatively simple controls and tends to be more reliable as there are fewer parts to wear. Energy consumption unfortunately can be high but this cost is often offset by the low maintenance cost on running and servicing the system.

Conventional boilers are versatile in that they can be used in almost any type of property. The water can be either pumped or gravity fed.

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Condensing Bollers:

A condensing boiler uses the latest technology to maximise fuel efficiency of either a conventional or combination system.

The boiler is designed so the cooler water retuning from the radiators passes through a secondary heat exchanger to be heated by the hot flue gasses which are normally exhausted into the air.

The warmer water is then returned to the radiators. It is known as a condensing boiler because the water from the flue gasses condenses in the secondary heat exchanger which is drained away at the base of the boiler.

Although condensing boiler will become increasingly popular as vast savings can be made on fuel consumption they are at present still in their infancy and have a higher risk of breakdown. They are expensive to purchase although grants can often be granted to assist with the extra cost.

Wilf Elliott Plumbing & Heating Services can supply fit and maintain a complete range of condensing boillers, please contact us for a free estimate.

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Back Boilers:

Back boilers can be refuelled by gas, oil, or solid fuel. All types require a lined natural-draught open flue to expel the potentially harmful gases. Solid fuel back boilers can only provide hot water when the fire which heats the house is lit.

Gas and oil backburners however can work independently of the fire front so it can provide hot water all year round. An electric immersion heater can be used as with a conventional boiler.

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System Boilers:

Like conventional boilers, a system boiler can supply central heating and hot water from a cylinder if required. The key difference with a system boiler is that all the major components are built into the boiler. For example the pump, normally installed remote from the boiler in integrated into the boiler along with the expansion vessel which replaces the feed/expansion tank most of which are installed in the loft. The system boiler also houses the safety valve, automatic air vent and even the programmer.

As these components are integrated into the boiler the installation time is significantly reduced and fewer materials are required. The servicing of a system boiler is also reduced. The added bonus of a “dry loft” removes the worry of and leak or frost damage to tanks and piping.

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Storage Boilers:

Boilers with a storage tank or hot water cylinder have improved capability with regards to the demands of multiple use and can deliver water at a high temperature and flow rate.

Unvented tanks allow mains pressure water delivery, rather than relying on gravity as traditional open vented system will.

Unvented tanks remove the need for separate cold water storage in the roof, they are most suited for family homes and properties where roof space is limited.

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Multi-Boiler Installation:

For Light Commercial Properties Multi-Boilers are often employed. Wilf Elliott Plumbing & Heating Services have the knowledge to advise, install and maintain Multi-Boiler systems.

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Storage tanks:

From domestric hot water tanks to expansion tanks tanks, Wilf Elliott Plumbing & Heating can supply, fit, modify and maintain your system.

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Gas fires & room heaters:

BlAll gas applicances must be installed by Gas Safe Registered Engineers. Importanat aspects are the chimney or flue system ventillation, gas pipes and pressure. Wilf Elliott Plumbing & Heating Services will insure your gas fire is installed correctly, operate safely and is maintanained and realiable.

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Unvented hot water systems:

Unvented hot water storage systems are subject to the legal requirements of Building Regulation G3. Unvented systems have the advantages of:

  • Choice of location – unit can be installed virtually anywhere within the building structure, allowing greater flexibility of house and system design and reducing costs.
  • Superior performance – ensures constant high flow rates at all outlets and allows rapid filling of baths.
  • No cold water storage cistern – reduces pipework. No requirement for tank stand or pipework/tank insulation – reduces costs. Roof space can be utilised for additional living accommodation.
  • Balanced pressures – far wider choice of taps and showers can be used.
  • Quicker to install – reduces pipework and installation costs.
  • Reduces noise in system – no filling of cold water storage cistern.
  • Smaller diameter pipework can be used – reduces costs.
  • Eliminates risk of freezing and burst pipes in roof space.
  • No shower pump required – reduces costs.
  • Eliminates risk of contamination – no cold water storage cistern in roof space.
  • Superior performance and flow rates, ideal for multi-bathroom dwellings.
  • Energy efficient – reduces fuel costs.
  • Ease of maintenance – no access to roof space required.
  • Frees roof space – can be utilised for loft conversions.
  • Aesthetic looks.
  • WIlf Elliott Plumbing & Heating Services can advise, install and maintain Unvented Hot Water Systems.


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    Bathrooms including wet rooms:

    Wilf Elliott PLumbing & Heating Services can install complete bathrooms suites including wet room conversion and also offer additional services such as re-plastiering and tiling.

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    Solar heating systems:

    Solar water heating (known as solar thermal) systems capture the free heat from the sun and use it to heat up water for use in the home. The ideal situation for solar panels is facing due south although they are effective facing south east and south west. Wilf Elliott Plumbing and heating can advise, install and maintain solar systems.

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    Underfloor heating systems:

    Wilf Elliott Plumbing and Heating Services can supply and fit underfloor water heating systems.

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    Power Flushing:

    Power Flushing radiators and pipe work cleans the entire system and adds longevity to the life of your boiler making it a faster and more efficient delivery of heat.

    Please contact Wllf Elliott PLumbing & Heating Systems. Estimates are free without obligation.

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    Cooker and Hob Installation:

    Wilf Elliott Plumbing & Heating Services are fully Gas Safe Registered to install Gas cooker and hobs.

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